Monday, 22 September 2014

Alice in Wonderland - A Close Look at Characters

 This pleasant and unchanged story isn't merely a light-hearted tale, however a smorgasbord of dissipation and depth of which means. The illustrations area unit simply recognized and therefore the plot is accepted, however generally the which means behind the characters are often a bit ambiguous.

There is a good deal of deviation between the initial 2 books `Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland` and `Through the trying Glass` and therefore the film versions of `Alice in Wonderland`. a number of the characters that solely seem within the sequel, like the hokum, creep into the film versions. Though the films and therefore the original stories could take issue, the overall importance of every character is maintained within the diversifications.

It is usually instructed that the character of Alice is predicated on Alice Liddell, a young companion of Dodgson and may be a illustration of the confusion and dangers of childhood. The Caterpillar that Alice meets is kind of associate degree discouraging character, however ultimately he's a illustration of education and therefore the good thing about intuition. Similarly, the character contains a nice influence over Alice through the enlightenment it shows to her. Though it's a really detached and uncontrollable character it helps Alice to grasp the final word which means of Wonderland. equally ludicrous is that the character of the Mad maker, WHO is everlastingly stuck at repast. he's usually rude and infrequently is smart, however he's quite an well wanted character. it's generally instructed that the utilization of this character is creating a suggestion concerning category distinctions, however this can be terribly loosely supported the Mad maker.

The Queen of Hearts is usually confused with the Red Queen from the sequel, though the characters share only a few similarities. Carroll`s actual intentions with this character area unit unclear, however it's instructed that she is meant to represent a passion while not direction. this might be a feminine comment or a questioning of the mental health of final power. The White Rabbit is one in all the sanest of all the characters and is intended to be a distinction to the youth and confidence of Alice`s character. it's additionally been instructed that he's supported Alice Liddell`s father.

The meanings behind every of the Alice in Wonderland characters is ambiguous and is usually corrupted by the disputed nature of Lewis Carroll himself. However, beneath all the dissipation and hidden meanings of the plot and characters, this classic tale is solely a story and therefore the joy it brings to youngsters and adults alike cannot be unnoticed.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Wonderland is the setting for Lewis Carroll's 1865 children's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In the story, Wonderland is located underground, and Alice reaches it by travelling down a rabbit hole, possibly on the banks of the Thames between Folly Bridge and Godstow. While the location is apparently somewhere beneath Oxfordshire, Carroll does not specify how far down it is, and he has Alice speculate whether it is near the center of the earth or even at the Antipodes. The land is heavily wooded and also grows mushrooms. There are well-kept gardens and substantial houses, such as those of the Duchess and the White Rabbit. Wonderland has a seacoast, where the Mock Turtle lives.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Wonderland was a United States resort community, just outside the Columbus suburb of Gahanna, near a bend in Big Walnut Creek. It was abandoned in the late 1920s. In the mid-1990s there were still decaying roads and abandoned residential buildings; however, this land was being bought by the Port Columbus International Airport for future expansion, which razed the remaining structures and fenced off the land. A reminder of the town is the Wonderland Church, on Friendship Drive, next to the interchange of Interstate 270 and Hamilton Road.

Monday, 9 January 2012


A mother (or mum/mom) is a woman who has raised a child, given birth to a child, and/or supplied the ovum that grew into a child. Because of the complexity and differences of a mother's social, cultural, and religious definitions and roles, it is challenging to specify a universally acceptable definition for the term. The male equivalent is a father.

Friday, 19 August 2011


A mother, mom, mum, momma or mama, is a woman who has raised a child (to whom she may or may not have given birth) in the role of parent.  Because of the complexity and differences of a mother's social, cultural, and religious definitions and roles, it is challenging to define a mother to suit a universally accepted definition. The male equivalent is a father.